Appearances & Media

Appearances / Media

Date: August 2015
Organization: The Chiropractic Philanthropist
Topic: Interview: Dr. Ed Osburn

August 2015 Dr. Kelley Pendleton podcast interview with Dr. Ed Osburn of the Chiropractic Philanthropist.   Click below white arrow bar to hear the 30-min podcast interview:


Date: April, 2015
Organization: American Chiropractic Association
Topic: Profiled Interview in ACA News
Location: Magazine

A Medical Marketing Educator – Dr. Kelley Pendleton

By Amanda Donohue

Why did you pursue a career in chiropractic? Simply put, chiropractic care changed my life. I went from being a person who was sick several times a year to someone with a strong immune system. My chronic migraine headaches disappeared with my first adjustment. I slept better, had more focus and reduced stress. When I had a full-time job in human resources, a part-time position as a victim advocate and an adjunct teaching position, I asked myself what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. The answer was I wanted to help people the way my chiropractor helped me. (Thank you, Dr. Michelle Amaral of Tamarac, Fla.!)

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Date: March, 2015
Organization: Pri-Med Southwest
Topic: Panel Discussion on Direct-Pay Medicine with Drs. Cory Annis, Sunil Movva, & Geetu Goyal
Location: George Brown Convention Center, Houston ,TX

Houston, TX – February 24, 2015 – DBC Pri-Med LLC, a leading provider of professional medical education to a community of more than 260,000 clinicians, will host a panel discussion on Direct-Pay medicine with leading experts. Direct-Pay represents a variety of health care delivery models, such as Direct Primary Care and Concierge Medicine, which involve direct financial relationships between patients, employers, and providers. Direct-Pay medicine can give physicians increased autonomy and more time with patients compared to other practice models. YouTube Video of the event with Dr. Kelley speaking about Marketing a DPC Practice: [embedyt][/embedyt]

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Date: Fall, 2014
Organization: Logan College of Chiropractic
Topic: Reviewed in The Tower alumni magazine.
Location: On the Nightstand by Dr. Pat Montgomery

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Date: 2007
Organization: American Chiropractic Association
Topic: Interview: Chiropractors WANTED
Location: ACA News

Chiropractors WANTED

DCs offset health care provider shortages in medically underserved areas. By Rebecca Jones …Kelley Pendleton, DC, a 2005 graduate of Logan College of Chiropractic and a native of Maine, never imagined herself practicing in Louisiana, the last state in the union to legalize chiropractic, in 1974, and a state with a chronic shortage of health care providers. “I came here because I was under the influence,” Dr. Pendleton says, joking. “I was engaged to a man who was from here. It was quite the transition, and not just in terms of the weather.”…
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